Welcome to Once in a Lifetime!

They do exist these special moments which perpetuate forever since they were extraordinary and have left deep emotions. Special moments which often happen only “Once in a Lifetime”.

THE BUCKET LIST FACILITATOR is the service-based contact for persons with special desires and requirements who aim to take the best advantage out of their spare time especially emphasizing (setting importance on) service and quality. We have specialized in fulfilling your special requests, on your personal “Bucket List”. Things you want to experience once in your lifetime will be realized in a professional, reliable and service-orientated way.

You wish to be very close to your star and would like to have him on your birthday or anniversary party? You dream to feel like an astronaut and reach your limits? Or you long for an extraordinary vacation with second to none experiences?

Your list of dreams and wishes can be infinite like the ocean…. It is all about you and your individual moment, which we help you to come true. We realize your “Once in a Lifetime” event!